Case Studies

Grupo Punta Cana CaseStudy 2014

Grupo Punta Cana – Puntacana Resort & Club Company Overview: 

Puntacana Resort & Club is located in the Dominican Republic within the waters of the Caribbean Sea. Its 26 square mile resort offers countless recreation, relaxation and dining opportunities and now includes Tortuga Bay (54 rooms), The Westin Puntacana Resort & Club (200 rooms), Four Points by Sheraton Puntacana Village (125 rooms), Six Senses Spa, the Puntacana Ecological Foundation and diverse residential communities (Corales, Playa Serena, Hacienda, Hacienda del Mar, Arrecife, Tortuga Bay and The Marina), a full service marina, 8 restaurants, a shopping village (03 shops), a P.B. Dye designed golf course and 2 championship golf courses.

Grupo Punta Cana – Puntacana Resort & Club Objectives:

Puntacana Resort & Club struggled with accessing the data collected from their transaction-based, operational systems to build and develop Ad-Hoc reporting. The data was there, it was just difficult to get to it.

Qualex Solution: 

Leveraging our knowledge of hospitality operational systems, data warehousing, database marketing & analytics, Qualex implemented a solution that provided Puntacana Resort & Club’s database operational, marketing and tactical team with quick & easy access to their data. Prior to Qualex, building reports, dashboards and the analysis was a manual process and often took several days or weeks.

Overall Results:  

After this implementation, these tasks were demonstrated to be reduced to minutes. Time that is being traditionally used by the Casino staff to manually build and analyze reports and dashboards can be now used to evaluate & modify existing marketing strategies; thus, giving the property the ability to allow their data to drive strategic marketing solutions to increase traffic to the property.


“We didn’t know how to make the most out of all the tools we had on hands and Qualex helped us to discover that and get consolidated and useful reports with information that allows us to identify significant data, such as loyal customers. Thus, we can now create more direct and effective marketing campaigns. The iQ-Gaming Solution implementation also made us aware of inconsistent data in our Warehouse.” Ruben Tineo – SAP Competence Center Manager

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Client Overview:

One of the largest U.S. based independent natural gas and oil producer this energy company is a pioneer and innovator in its own industry. The company’s operations are focused on North American onshore exploration and production, engaged primarily in horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing to produce crude oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids.

Challenges and Objectives:

One of the main challenges that this company faces is quantifying the influence that proppant has on well production. The goal was to optimize cost savings without reduction in production. The analysis showed that reducing proppant in well excavation provided the highest level of cost performance. Detailed analysis focused upon the influence of proppant types and volume in relation to production variations.

Qualex Solution:

Qualex was able to analyze over 9,000 well data sets to identify the variables with the greatest influence on well production. Qualex provided a detailed predictive analysis on the differences between best/worst performing wells, including segmenting groups/intervals within variables to explain the excessive proppant usage over a 12 month period. The resulting analytics predicted a best case scenario report which included comparison between best and worst production rates on specific targets against proppant types and volume that equated to cost saving of over $14 million on only 200 wells. Qualex also provided a report that predicted the variables that had the greatest influence on well production. Futures studies are to include environmental impact analysis.

Outcome and Results:

This Energy company gained a 30% savings on two particular regions and a county demographic analysis that provided a report on specific optimizations for well production.

Company Overview:

Qualex Consulting Services, Inc. is a technology and professional consulting company founded in 1995 has been dedicated to providing a wide range of Predictive Analytics Consulting, Information Technology and Communications related products and services.

For additional Information contact: Kevin Dillon, Director of Oil, Gas and Utility Practice.

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Qualex Gaming & Hospitality

Qualex delivers gaming-specific BI, CRM and mobile solutions that define IT strategies drive systems selections and target business process and IT infrastructure review. Qualex’s enterprise solutions include Enterprise Intelligence Platforms that integrate individual technology components into a single, unified system. This results in an information flow that transcends organizational silos, diverse computing platforms and niche tools, while also delivering new insights to drive increased value for any organization. With our iQ-Gaming Data Model we provide consistent reporting and analytical platform for predictive analytics.

iQ-Patron™ Application

Qualex Patron Application provides the fastest and most responsive form of communication with patrons ranging from casinos to hotels and restaurants. Enhance your patron loyalty by letting your patrons know you care. QPA features automated targeted SMS for patron campaigns; constantly keeping them updated on activities and events of interest increases loyalty.

iQ-Patron™ insures they are informed on the latest campaigns, events and special discounts. It also lets patrons know you remember them personally by sending them personal alerts such as birthday specials or anniversary offers. By offering not only bulk SMS and individual SMS sending options, QPA also schedules: automated SMS, promotional SMS, email forwarding and database integration. QPA sets the trend for a patron SMS applications.

Some of our clients include:

Qualex Gaming & Hospitality

Qualex projects with Seminole HardRock Casino, Galaxy Entertainment, Las Vegas Sands:

  • Implementing our iQ-Gaming data model
  • Marketing Automation
  • Slot & Table Game Tracking
  • Slots & Table Floor Optimization
  • Slot and Table game optimization
  • Customer Retention

Qualex Solutions Include: iQ-Support™

Qualex iQ-Support™ is an internet-driven solution for organizations that, after implementing software solutions, need additional support to maintain their system’s operation. Qualex offers bundles of consulting hours from its specialized consultants in Data Integration, Data Warehousing Construction, Business Intelligence Reporting and Sophisticated Analysis. All these services are provided at a low cost, with high quality and maximum accessibility.

Casino Operations

Reporting & analysis that benefits Casino Operations:

  • Slot Accounting Report
  • Poker Data Reports
  • Gaming Control Board Report
  • Inactive Game Report
  • Meters Report

Casino Marketing

Reporting & analysis that benefits Casino Marketing:

  • Campaign Promotion/Offer Report
  • Freeplay Report
  • Monthly Gaming Analysis Report
  • Room Report
  • Player Card Use vs. Actual Play Report
  • Daily Hotel Revenue Report
  • Top 10 MSA Report

Player Development

Reporting & analysis that benefits Player Development:

  • Dashboard(s)
  • Patron Profit/Loss Report
  • Patron Revenue Maximization Tracking Report
  • Table & Slot Utilization Report
  • Top Patrons Revenue Report
  • Trips Report
  • Hotel Stays Report
  • Comp Report
  • Theo vs. Actual Report
  • Revenue Report by Geography/ Demographics
  • Inactive Players / Past Due Report
  • Players Due Now Report
  • Potential New Business Report
  • Incliners/Decliners Report

Hotel and Hospitality

Reporting & analysis that benefits Hotel and Hospitality:

  • Dashboard(s)
  • Segment Value Report
  • Total Property Value Report
  • Bookings by Source Group
  • Turn Down Tracking (web usage)
  • Daily Report Package
  • Daily Pickup Reports (by segment)
  • Weekly Revenue Report Package
  • In House Report
  • Casino Utilization Report
  • Pace Report
  • Cash vs. Comp (by month and room type)
  • Segmentation Analysis Reports
  • Market Segment Pickup Report


Reporting and analysis that would benefit Marketing:

  • Dashboard(s)
  • Additional Campaign Response reporting
  • Marketing Response Result Reports
  • Model Results for better future performance


Reporting and analysis that would benefit Accounting:

  • Daily Revenue Reports (showing Cash vs. Comp data)
  • Comp Revenue Report
  • Comparison of Events/Initiatives
  • Comp Report per Person per Day
  • Top 5 Names/Winners/Losers Report

Service Commitment

Once an issue concerning the use of software is reported, Qualex agrees to assign a resource to verify the issue. In critical issues (High), this resource will be assigned within specific pre-determined business hours and for regular issues (Low and Medium), the resource will be assigned within one business day.


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iQ-Gaming Analytic Model Catalog

1. Patron Segmentation Model:  This model segments the population of patrons using cluster analysis and decision trees.  Segmentation is one of the first and most basic machine learning methods.  Segmenting the population of patrons into distinct segments is important because creating separate model for separate segments may be time consuming and not worth the effort. But, creating separate model for separate segments usually provides higher predictive power.

2. Overall Property Preference Model: This model uses logistic regression to identify whether a customer is attracted by Slots, Tables or Bingo (or combination).

3. Table Games Preference Model: This model identifies a players’ game of preference (for those playing tables).

4. Table Bet Size Preference Model: This model identifies player’s preferential stake size by grouping stake sizes into manageable groups. This information helps casinos know whether limits are high enough or minimums are too low.

5. Customer Play Day Preference Model: This model looks at patron behavior by day and identifies the day preference for attending. This model can be extended to time of day preference. This model helps casino managers with staffing and layout requirements when mixed with other analysis.

6. Slot Denomination Preference Model: This model describes player behavior by denomination.  It identifies from penny players through max stake players. This model can also look at loyalty across denominations.

7. Slots Reels Preference Model: This model groups reels into manageable buckets. It helps identify those patrons who like the max reels type game as opposed to the simple three reels. The model is used in combination with the slot denomination preference model to drill in further into player characteristics.

8. F&B Location Preference Model: This model looks at carded spend across food venues to identify patron’s preference for eating. This model is useful for menu changes, and for the creation of marketing offers around F&B. For instance, It could show the steakhouse could benefit from opening earlier in the week lining up with when the big spenders are hoping to play.

9. Casino RFM Model: This model forecasts VIP players using revenue for slots, tables, bingo, F&B and Entertainment as well as frequency of visits and days since last visit.

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Little River Casino Resort Case Study


Little River Casino Resort is owned and operated by the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians. The Resort opened in the summer of 1999 with 600 slot machines. Since 1999 they have expanded in multiple stages to what now includes, a beautiful 292-room luxury hotel, a 1,700 -seat event center, and an expanding collection of slots and table games. With their continued growth Little River has now over 23,000 square feet of space to enjoy a myriad of resort activities.

Qualex – Project Value

Little River Casino Resort Case Study
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Qualex Sports Team Case Study


One of Qualex’s many clients is the Major League Soccer (MLS). The League contracted with Qualex Consulting Services to implement an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), Business Intelligence (BI) and Advanced Analytics solutions for the both, the league and its 22 clubs.


Leveraging Qualex’s knowledge of data warehouse design, Qualex implemented a sports-centric data model to support data elements from the teams ticketing, financial and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Prior to Qualex’s implemented solution, data about team operations was primarily only within each of the team’s operational source systems; in effect, constraining the team with several independent “silos” of operational data. Accessing data within more than one system at a time proved both time consuming and inefficient. This acted as a blocker when diagnosing why specific events happened from a revenue generation standpoint, and therefore the League started struggling to predict the next market move in order to prescribe an effective action plan for customized demand generation.


Qualex addressed the challenges presented by these “data silos” by organizing data from the League’s various operational source systems into a consolidated data warehouse using Qualex’s iQ-Sports™ data model. With BI portals integrated to the warehouse, now Club/League management has quick and easy access to key operational data to facilitate strategic decision making in a more timely manner.

Qualex developed a custom solution built specifically around the League’s business needs. The implemented solution leverages the Clubs/League investment in technology to “do all the heavy lifting of data” so Clubs/League management team can spend more time analyzing their business to make strategic decisions.

With Price Optimization and Attendance Forecasting models quickly deployed using the iQ-Sports™ database (including Weather data), MLS was able to start structuring enterprise wide CRM initiatives as a result of a centralized infrastructure, data consolidation and enhancement and analytic capabilities. This allowed the League and its Clubs to efficiently manage customer database and effectively execute marketing campaigns with the right offer at the right time.

The League’s strategy was to communicate benefits and quick wins to key stakeholders by the centralization of analytic resources and the provision of advanced analytic and modeling opportunities. Starting with QLX Price Optimization and Attendance Forecast models, a sample analysis and pilot campaigns were implemented to showcase the impact of data. As a result, the average sales per email increased from $56.42 to $109.01, meaning a 93% increase compared to the prior year campaign. Personalized pilot campaigns delivered targeted sales campaigns by favorite club, gender and past purchase information. This was tracked through utilizing click sales tracking, matching back opens to purchases, and through other client past performance coefficient.

“We have been working with the Qualex team since December 2013 and are very impressed with the commitment and knowledge they provide MLS for the implementation of our new data warehouse and advanced analytics. We look forward to keep expanding this effort and utilizing the findings to get a better view and understanding of our fans and their engagement across all 22 clubs”.

Charlie Shin / VP, CRM & ANALYTICS

Qualex Contact:

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