Consulting Services


In a world of converged communication and content, sustainable competitive advantage can only be achieved through your ability to consistently attract and retain profitable customers. Using such SAS tools as SAS Telecommunications Intelligence Solutions, Qualex will help you implement business strategies, retain and nurture customer relationships, and maximize profits. More…

Financial Services

Financial Services

Today, the financial services industry is going through a radical revolution. With a sluggish global economy, fierce competition from banks and other financial institutions, the challenges facing banking executives are enormous. Qualex has the knowledge to help you reach the basic goals of reducing costs, increasing profits, maximizing shareholder value and increasing return on equity. More…


The Qualex approval on GSA enables America’s largest customer to procure superior SAS consulting services in a simplified manner. State and local governmental agencies may also purchase under the terms of the GSA contract. More…


Healthcare / Insurance

The sheer volume of clinical and operational data being generated by healthcare providers on a daily basis can be overwhelming. Working with the SAS Healthcare Provider Practice, Qualex can help you turn that data into usable evidence-based knowledge that can be acted on quickly and decisively. More…

Hospitality and Entertainment

Over the past few years, Qualex and SAS have been working on a solution to bundle SAS products into a solution specific to the gaming industry. Central to this solution is the SAS Patron Value Optimization Solution (PVO), which was specifically developed for the Gaming and Hospitality Industries. By gaining better insight into your customers, you can develop optimal marketing campaigns and improve customer service. Ultimately, you will be delivering the right marketing campaign to the right patron with the right message, encouraging them to visit your property over your competitors. More…



In the highly competitive world of retail, it is critical for businesses to understand customer behavior and their buying habits well enough to make the right decisions about product, price, promotion and placement. Qualex can help you to implement the wide range of SAS tools that are available, including Customer intelligence, Merchandise intelligence, Operations intelligence, and Performance management solutions service. More…

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