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Qualex Sports & Entertainment

Qualex delivers sports-specific BI, CRM and mobile solutions that define IT strategies drive systems selections and target business process and IT infrastructure review. Qualex’s enterprise solutions include Enterprise Intelligence Platforms that integrate individual technology components into a single, unified system. This results in an information flow that transcends organizational silos, diverse computing platforms and niche tools, while also delivering new insights to drive increased value for any organization. With our iQ-Sports Data Model we provide consistent reporting and analytical platform for predictive analytics.

iQ-Fan™ Application

Qualex Fan Application provides the fastest and most responsive form of communication with fans ranging from venues to their own homes. Enhance your fan loyalty by letting your them know you care. QPA features automated targeted SMS for fan campaigns; constantly keeping them updated on activities and events of interest increases loyalty.

iQ-Fan™ insures they are informed on the latest campaigns, events and special discounts. It also lets fans know you remember them personally by sending them personal alerts such as birthday specials or anniversary offers. By offering not only bulk SMS and individual SMS sending options, QPA also schedules: automated SMS, promotional SMS, email forwarding and database integration. QPA sets the trend for a fan SMS applications.

Some of our clients include:

Qualex Gaming & Hospitality

Qualex projects with Major League Soccer, Golden State Warriors, New York Mets:

  • Implementing our iQ-Sports data model
  • Fan Analytics – 360⁰ degree view of the fan
  • Upsell
  • Cross sell
  • Customer Retention

Qualex Solutions Include: iQ-Support™

 Qualex iQ-Support™ is an internet-driven solution for organizations that, after implementing software solutions, need additional support to maintain their system’s operation. Qualex offers bundles of consulting hours from its specialized consultants in Data Integration, Data Warehousing Construction, Business Intelligence Reporting and Sophisticated Analysis. All these services are provided at a low cost, with high quality and maximum accessibility.

Ticketing & Point of Sales Operations

Reporting & analysis that benefits Ticketing and POS Operations:

  • Arena POS per Game Report
  • F&B Sales by Store and Terminal
  • Point of Sales Map Analysis by Product
  • Ticketing Analysis Report
  • Ticketing Customer Analysis
  • Comparative Time Series by Net Revenue
  • Ticket by State Analysis
  • Owed-Price-Paid Amount Analysis

Sports Marketing 

Reporting & analysis that benefits Sports Marketing:

  • Campaign Promotion/Offer Report
  • Daily Revenue Report
  • Email Ticket Conversion Report

Fan Development

Reporting & analysis that benefits Fan Development:

  • Dashboard(s)
  • Fan Profit/Loss Report
  • Fan Revenue Maximization Tracking Report
  • Customer Acquisition Source Report
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iQ-SPORTS™ Analytic Model Catalog

1. Pattern Discovery

  • Fan segmentation models including preferences (price, seating, opposition, number of games) and overall value (similar to an RFM).
  •  Association analysis including:
  1. Market basket analysis: this model identifies what games go together for fans with a view to tailoring season ticket packages to the right offering of matches.
  2. Sequence analysis: This model can help enhance the knowledge of customer behavior by knowing what their likely next move is. For instance, the team using a time identifier can track how fans have gone through the system i.e. fans who start as 3 game holder move to 15 games then Class A season before going Platinum.
  • Novelty detection: This model is produced using historical fan behavior.  It makes it easy to identify particular behavior that indicates what has happened is out of the ordinary. For instance, it can help identify when a fan has statistically exceeded their time between attending matches.

2. Forecasting Models

  • These models forecast anything and everything that might be of use to the team. Subjects like crowd number; food sales etc….these forecasting models can be further enhanced by introducing exogenous variables/series e.g. weather, opposition win pct, team win pct, and so on.
  • If the data is available, these models could be enhanced by including: game spend on F&B, merchandise, as well as other purchases through the online merch store and physical merch store(s).

3. Prediction Models

  • Fan churn model for likelihood of ticket holders not renewing
  • Fan propensity model to predict response to marketing campaign
  • Predicting season value of a fan spend within the venue as a dollar figure
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