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Qualex Chat

We know and understand the challenges of supporting SAS Users. After years of discussions with SAS customers, we know it’s hard to focus on the IMPORTANT when you are bogged down with the URGENT.

Key Concerns:

  1. How can I understand and audit SAS usage with limited administrative resources?
  2. How can I boost data scientist productivity and get the best of their insights?
  3. How can I spend less time chasing, managing and solving SAS system issues and more time on product development and producing business insights/value?
  4. We can help….

ESM is a software application developed by Boemska that helps SAS customers understand what is going in the SAS environment. You don’t have to take our word for it. Read our customer success stories, and take a look at what our friends at FRONTLINE have to say:

“With Boemska’s ESM help we were able to reduce the number of performance issues, the number of outages and the amount of time that our people spend solving issues with our IT department. Everyone knows that the amount of outages has been reduced.”

Boemska’s CTO, Nik Markovic, is scheduled to present a WEBINAR on November 28th 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST. If you could carve out 30 minutes from your calendar Nik will introduce ESM in detail and talk of his learnings / experiences with SAS systems worldwide, we are confident that it would be time well spent.

Looking forward to your response and let’s discuss how we can help you focus on the important rather than the urgent as it relates to SAS.

Boemska, a SAS Alliance Partner, build products that keep Data Scientists happy. Their monitoring tools help everyone play nicely together by keeping the Analytic Platforms performance, and their application development platform lets analysts easily turn their insights into user-friendly, production-ready Web Apps that can be deployed instantly and effortlessly.

Qualex is an IT Integrator. A SAS Gold Partner. It has been in operation since 1995 and has more than 100 associates. Headquartered in Miami (FL), with multiple offices in the US as well as a Global Development Center located in India. Qualex acts as strategic partners for Boemska, bringing ESM to the US.

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