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Effective organizations are trying to run more and faster analytics to know and understand their data and their customers.

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Key Concerns:

  1. How can we use Machine Learning to improve our processes?
  2. How can I boost data scientist productivity and get the best of their insights using HANA?
  3. We can help….

HANA is an SAP database that can be used to understand what is going with your customers. please take a look at the attached PDF to get ideas on how to use SAP for Analytics. Read Here

I would love to chat about how we can help. Please let me know a number to call and a suitable date time. Schedule a free Consultation

Looking forward to your response and let’s discuss how we can help you focus on the important rather than the urgent as it relates to HANA.

Best Regards,

Al Cordoba
Chief Data Officer
Qualex Consulting Services

MAPSYS is a regional mid-western Information Technology partner based out of Columbus, Ohio. Founded in 1985 with over 60 employees, MAPSYS has been a trusted Datacenter solution architect for many of the largest local companies. With a broad technology portfolio including IBM, Lenovo, VMware, Nutanix & a staff of local full custom software designers; any IT need can be satisfied. MAPSYS acts as a strategic partner for Qualex.

Qualex is an IT Integrator. A SAP Partner. It has been in operation since 1995 and has more than 100 associates. Headquartered in Miami (FL), with multiple offices in the US as well as a Global Development Center located in India. Qualex acts as strategic partners for MAPSYS.

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