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Qualex iQ-Decide™ is a comprehensive BI-as-a-Service (BIaaS) solution that includes the following services — a data service (i-Foundation), reporting service (i-Insight), a modeling service (i-Analysis) and marketing service (i-Marketing) to service organizations at a low cost, with high reliability, and without huge implementation headaches.

Qualex offers a database-driven decision support solution designed to support operational departments with one clean and complete view of their data and applications as well as programs to maximize ROI on one of the organization’s most valued assets — its data — for a low monthly fee with no capital investment.

The solution provides:

•    Cleansing, enriching and consolidating data from diverse operating systems.
•    Designing, developing and maintaining a centralized database.
•    Designing and managing web-based customer relationship management applications.
•    Providing marketing support and consulting.

The solution supports the following departments:

•    Executive Office (GM, CFO, CEO, CTO, CIO, Owners)
•    Information Technology
•    Sales & Marketing
•    Finance

Service commitment

We want you to be a satisfied BI-as-a-Service (BIaaS) customer. We are committed to exceeding the expectations of the customers we serve. Our four commitments to our customers, are:

•    Responsiveness – we will reply to every communication.
•    Ownership – we will assume ownership of your issues and manage them to conclusion.
•    Communication – will be timely and coherent.
•    Integrity – we will always conduct business with you ethically and professionally.

The Solution is affordable

•    No fees are due until the database is operational.
•    Trial options are available.

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