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Press Releases Feb. 2, 2011

Qualex adds social media component to its iQ-Gaming platform
PRLOG (Press Release) — Feb. 02, 2011 — Qualex onsulting Services, Inc. announces that it has improved its iQ-Gaming® platform by adding a social media component: iQ-Social Media for Gaming ®. The iQ-Gaming® platform from Qualex has been expanded to included Social Media for Gaming V1.0 and it will leverage social media for effective marketing and new customer acquisition.
The new social media component allows gaming and enterprise systems to be integrated into the mobile marketing environment. It also connects to the iQ-Gaming® platform, allowing systems to collect social media information not only by using regular email channels but also by leveraging SMS texting technology. “This way organizations continue to build meaningful user profiles to provide guests with the ideal gaming and hospitality customer experience,” said Clive Pearson, Qualex’s CEO. “Without a social media component, the most valuable part of a person’s profile is missing. Qualex is excited to be able to seamlessly integrate this component with our existing data model,” Pearson added.
Qualex’s iQ-Gaming® data model is used to define and analyze data requirements that are needed to support the business processes of a gaming and hospitality organization in real-time. The data requirements are recorded as a conceptual data model with associated data definitions. “We consider our model a living document that changes in response to a changing business environment, said Pearson, adding, “that’s the reason we added a social media element.” The model is very important to manage data as a resource, to integrate multiple data sources, and to design data repositories. “This is part of the creation of an innovative information systems strategy, which defines an overall IT vision and an appropriate information systems architecture for advanced organizations in the gaming and hospitality arena,” added Pearson. The module is available immediately and is already incorporated with current social media APIs.
Qualex Consulting Services, Inc. is a woman and minority owned, and has been designated as a small business by the GSA. Qualex provides mobile solutions and business analytics integration services for gaming and hospitality, telecommunications, governments, the financial services, insurance, energy, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, retail and healthcare industries. An award-winning software solutions company, whose partners include SAS, Teradata, Genesys, Intel and HP, Qualex is headquartered in Miami, Florida, and has several offices in many other countries. Qualex has over two decades worth of experience integrating BI software solutions. Quality is our top priority. For more information, please visit www.qlx.com.

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