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Press Releases June 15, 2011

Qualex Expands into Asia with the Opening of Macau-based Qualex Asia
Qualex Consulting Services, Inc. announces the opening of Qualex Asia in Macau, P.R. China. The company will focus on delivering solutions to the casino and gaming industry, as well as marketing and supporting its mobile and social networking solutions.
Qualex Consulting Services, Inc, a leading software solutions services company headquartered in Miami, Florida, announces the opening of its affiliate Qualex Asia, which will be based out of Macau, P.R. China. Qualex Asia, a Macau incorporated company, is a mobile, social media and software consulting company whose consultants have worked on a wide variety of projects in such industries as casino and hospitality, energy, financial services, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, mobile media, retail, social media and telecommunications.
Qualex Asia will bring Qualex’s high level of excellence to its Asian clients. Initially, Qualex Asia will focus on the casino and gaming industry of Macau, offering consulting services in the areas of analytics, business intelligence, customer intelligence, data mining, marketing automation and data integration. Qualex Asia will also market and support its mobile and social networking applications. Asia has become an increasingly internet-savvy market, with hundreds of millions of people using online and mobile platforms and the opening of Qualex Asia’s office is a recognition of the potential this market holds.
“We are excited about the opportunities the Pacific Rim holds,” said Clive Pearson, Qualex’s CEO. “We chose Macau as the location to open our first Qualex Asia office because we wanted to bring our gaming expertise to Asia. Having over fifteen years of experience implementing software solutions for the casino industry, we recognize the explosive growth occurring in Macau — a growth that is projected to double over the next three years — and we believe the solutions that we offer are needed in this rapidly expanding market. Macau is morphing into a destination for travelers who aren’t solely interested in gambling and Qualex’s business intelligentce solutions are going to be needed throughout the region in the coming years as much as they are needed and used in Las Vegas today.”
Clive Pearson will hold the title of CEO of Qualex Asia, while Andrew Pearson and Macau-based Yuki Kaizu will be the Managing Directors.
Qualex Asia will be implementing it’s iQ-Maintain solution throughout the region. It will also be the lead implementer of Qualex’s iQ-Social platform — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GJcHGXxnA8 — a standalone social media application that gives companies of all sizes the ability to set up a social media presence with ease.
To learn more about Qualex Asia and its solutions, go to: http://www.qlx-asia.com.

About Qualex Consulting Services, Inc.
Qualex Consulting Services, Inc. is a woman and minority owned business, which has been designated as a small business by the GSA. Qualex provides mobile solutions and business analytics integration services for the gaming and hospitality, telecommunications, governments, the financial services, insurance, energy, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, retail and healthcare industries.

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