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Press Releases March 25, 2014

Qualex helps Shell implement SAS Predictive Asset Maintenance
Miami, Fl – March 25, 2014
The best way to understanding the value a great consulting organization brings to industry leaders is by listening to what the leaders say.
“SAS eliminates guesswork from our business processes,” said Tom Moroney, Manager of Technology Deployment and Geosciences at Shell Exploration and Production, Upstream Americas, Deepwater. “We analyze tremendous volumes of real-time data to improve process and asset efficiency, well performance and reliability. When our SAS alerts signal a performance gap, we can quickly diagnose it, interrogate the system and prevent or mitigate critical upsets.”
Shell engineers are using these surveillance insights from analytics to improve performance of the company’s newest platform, the Perdido spar. Below 10,000 feet of water and another 9,000 feet of mud, salt and rock, lies an ambitious target, a swath of seabed the size of Houston that holds enough oil and natural gas to produce up to 130,000 barrels a day.
Always innovating, Moroney and a Shell taskforce continually look to apply analytical methodology to develop deeper insights into integrated production system performance for its entire deepwater portfolio across a range of business challenges.
Qualex’s Director of Oil & Gas Practice, Kevin Dillon “we are excited to be delivering compelling predictive analytics to the industry for companies like Shell using the SAS platform.”
According to Kevin, “our industry experienced and knowledgeable consultants have been implementing solutions for years at Shell and we’ve been a SAS Gold Partner since 2002. We focus on business issues that need resolution, using statistical and analytical methods and then present the results in dashboards, reporting systems and alerting of critical situations that need immediate attention. The Oil, Gas and Utilities industries have very complex and expensive situations that require analyzing big data and delivering solutions ASAP. Partnership is the key to our success, one company cannot do it all.”

For more information contact: Kevin Dillon, Director of Oil, Gas & Utility Practice at
Qualex Consulting Services. (305) 342-5425 – Kevin.Dillon@qlx.com
11900 Biscayne Blvd. Ste 801, North Miami, Florida 33181

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