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Seat - 2018


Need a data integration plan at SEAT?

And you can strategize how to achieve these goals with our expert team, gratis, at SEAT.

You want to understand the fan journey? Customize your offers based on fan purchase history? Capture attribution? Automate your reporting? Understand every aspect of your fans, from their F&B purchases to their Wifi behavior to their social media? And use that to drive business decisions?

Then you need to improve how to access your data, combine your data, clean your data, refresh your data, and build game-changing reports and analytics based on your warehouse.

Ready to transform your data into ticket sales?

We understand the need and the process – and we’ve already prepared the data integrations and analytics solutions you need. Most importantly, you can learn from the insights we have gained while providing these solutions to a wide variety of professional sports clients and entertainment venues.

Find your solution at SEAT by booking a free consultation at the conference with a member of our executive team. No holds barred.

  • To book online for your free consult at SEAT, please Click Here.
  • To book directly with a live person, please call (786) 303-2744 and ask for “SEAT Booking.”

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