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Press Releases April 5, 1999

Qualex and SOLID Partners Join Forces to tackle the SAP Challenge
Cary, N.C. — April 5, 1999 — Announcing a new joint venture between Qualex Consulting Services, Inc of the US and SOLID Partners of Europe to form the strongest possible team to take on the challenges of accessing and understanding data from SAP R/3 using the SAS® System software. As a leading, high-profile SAS Alliance Gold Member in the US, Qualex provides an expert workforce in a wide variety of leading SAS software products and works with a diverse clientele portfolio. SOLID Partners is a leading SAS Quality Partner in Europe providing years of real world experience using SAS in the SAP R/3 arena throughout Europe. Additionally, SOLID Partners has worked directly with SAS Europe to develop and maturate the SAS Access to R/3 product. This joint venture provides the most formidable team to lead the charge in accessing and understanding SAP R/3 data using SAS software throughout North America.

Setting up the SAS Access to R/3 tool is only the beginning to really using the data provided by SAP R/3. The true challenge arises when trying to get a good understanding and provide real-world solutions from the hundreds to thousands of detailed tables from the various business modules that make up SAP. The new Qualex/SOLID Partners team can provide the experience and skill to transform this vast source of data into useful business information.
To get more information or to set up an appointment:
Email us at info@qlx.com or call us at 877-887-4SAS (4727).
Learn more about SOLID Partners at http://www.solidpartners.be

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