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Team Qualex is our state-of-the-art employment model, giving computer professionals the most sought after work environments today. The older model of centralized locations and strict job descriptions lacks versatility and flexibility, thus unnecessarily limiting our potential. So Qualex creates work relationships that not only enhance our personnel’s quality of life, but also provide our clients with timely, cost-effective solutions.

Flexible work environment

Team Qualex members live in large cities, and they live in small towns. Some work from home, others at clients’ sites, most do both. Some work primarily with one client in one location, while others have multiple clients in several cities. Our goal is to do whatever it takes to help our personnel work most efficiently and effectively. Read an article on Qualex’s telecommuting policy here.

Team Spirit

The various work relationships are not designed to create differences between the Team members. They simply provide each person with the best arrangement possible. Each member is equally part of the Team and is a valuable resource to one another. At times, two or more Team members may work on a single project or site together. They are also expected to attend Team meetings, which most often takes the form of a monthly conference call. Though separated at times by great distances, Team Qualex members work together toward one single goal: responsive, quality results.

SAS Software

All Team Qualex members receive a licensed copy of SAS software for the duration of their working relationship with Qualex.

The Work Relationship

The Qualex Employee

The Qualex Employee is a salaried, full-time staff member and enjoys an excellent benefit package. They work on a variety of projects, primarily for clients, but may also assist in company development (promotion, administration, tool creation, etc.). Being a Qualex Employee assumes a long-term commitment on the parts of both the employee and Qualex. It is understood that the employee’s work hours belong to Qualex. Qualex Employees are provided with a complete home-office infrastructure. This includes a state-of-the-art notebook computer, printer, business phone and fax, Internet access, email account, etc.

The Qualex Associate

A Qualex Associate enjoys a great amount of flexibility and freedom. Associates work as independent contractors, billing Qualex by the hour and on a project-by-project, as-needed basis. Associates may take on their own contracts. Equipment and other resources will be provided to the Associate as the projects warrant and at the discretion of Qualex.

The Qualex Alliance Partner

The Qualex Alliance Partner is a successful independent contractor who wants to be part of a larger team without giving up their current client base. Qualex provides the Alliance Partner with a sense of family while allowing for a great amount of freedom and independence. Qualex provides the Alliance Partner with administrative support, while the Alliance Partners represent Qualex in potential business opportunities.

Qualex Support Staff and Contractors

These people are non-SAS consulting personnel. Their expertise includes areas such as marketing, the Internet, and administration. In keeping with our general employment philosophy, our working arrangement in each case is unique to most effectively meet the goals of each area and provide the person with the best working arrangement possible.

Want to Join?

Team Qualex members are all very motivated, highly skilled, creative professionals. They are resourceful and are able to work with a minimum of supervision. Not everyone can work with this kind of flexibility and level of responsibility. If you think that Team Qualex is for you, fill out our Application Form.

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