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About Us

Welcome to Qualex, the industry-leading software solutions company with a rich history spanning over 25 years. Since our inception, we have been at the forefront of delivering cutting edge software solutions and IT support to various industries, including government, financial services, insurance, telecommunications, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare.

At Qualex, we specialize in delivering the latest software solutions and comprehensive IT support services to empower organizations in achieving their goals. As a qualified SAS gold partner since 2002, our expertise and dedication have earned us numerous accolades, including the prestigious SAS Partner Excellence Fields Choice Award and the coveted Partner Excellence Award. We are proud to have been recognized as the three-time Reseller of the Year, a testament to our commitment to excellence.

We take pride in the expertise of our founding members and our team of highly skilled and experienced consultants. Their in-depth knowledge of enterprise solutions and understanding of the complex challenges facing industry leaders provide insight and offer invaluable support in delivering tailored solutions for success.

At Qualex, we value our partnerships and are proud to be trusted partners with industry leaders such as SAS, SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Tableau, Ticketmaster, Snowflake, AWS, and UBIX. These collaborations enable us to leverage the latest technologies and deliver innovative solutions that meet the ever-evolving needs and changing demographics of our clients.

Our motto, “Where Quality, Integrity, and Trust Matter,” embodies the core values that drive our organization. We are committed to delivering the highest standard of quality in every aspect of our work. Our clients can trust us to consistently deliver exceptional results that drive their growth and success.

Partner with Qualex and let us empower your organization with unparalleled software solutions and IT support that has made us an industry leader. We invite you to explore our range of software solutions and IT services and discover how we can help your organization thrive in the new AI digital era. Contact us today to embark on a transformative journey together.

Our Vision

Qualex’s Vision is to deliver Quality and Experience, Anytime and Anywhere.

Our Mission

Qualex’s mission is to provide integration of all the latest technology solutions with proven and tractable results through skilled and certified consultants.

  • Testimonial
    The New York Mets are excited to have partnered with Qualex Consulting services to provide fan analytics starting with the 2015 season. We look forward to the immense value they will provide in analyzing our data to better reach our fans and increase customer loyalty as they do with many other teams.
    John MorrisBusiness Intelligence - New York Mets
  • Testimonial
    We have been working with Qualex Consulting Services since October 2012 and are very impressed with the commitment and knowledge they provide MLS for the implementation of our new data warehouse. We look forward to finalizing this effort and utilizing the findings to get a better view and understanding of our fan engagement of all 22 clubs.
    Charlie ShinSenior Director, CRM & Analytics - Major League Soccer
  • Testimonial
    Qualex does it again, great job on taking my legacy application to the cloud. I didn’t think it was possible, Arun was awesome! 2015 Thanks to Qualex, we were able to update our entire application. It is now new, better and faster. The job performed by Michael Gilman during three years of implementation consistently exceeded our expectations. He is a Rock Star...we will definitely continue to do business with Qualex and highly recommend them within the industry. 2014
    Tom St. JohnPresident - Amcor Technology Solutions
  • Testimonial
    Overall job performance has been exceptional. Our Qualex Consultant has become a vital part of our SAS Development and system support efforts.
    Donald S. AnkersAssistant Division Chief Current Economics Surveys Systems Development
  • Testimonial
    Qualex contributed insights regarding the choice of data that should be extracted from the various back-end systems and how that data should be structured and mapped to different fields, as it was saved to the data warehouse and into the marketing data mart from which campaigns are run.
    Todd WilliamsHospitality Systems Manager - Foxwoods
  • Testimonial
    Working with Qualex, we knew we were working with a team of professionals who had implemented these systems many times before and they knew the challenges and opportunities in the landscape. Qualex’s guidance and support was invaluable to achieving our infrastructure and analytical goals.
    Ryan BowerDirector of CRM - Hard Rock Las Vegas
  • Testimonial
    Qualex Consulting has provided us with top-notch development services. They are fast, flexible and forward-thinking. They integrated with our existing team extremely well.
    HDMS Team
  • Testimonial
    This collaborative environment increases productivity between us and our clients. We have experienced significant increase in client satisfaction.
    John Povey Vice President, Data Strategy - Intellidyn
  • Testimonial
    With the help of Qualex, Orange Dominicana implemented state of the art technology that gave us a powerful, leading-edge predictive analysis solution.
    FreddyD’OleoTechnical Project Manager - Orange
  • Testimonial
    At this point, Qualex has become more than a vendor; I view Qualex as a true business partner focused on the needs of the Orlando Magic.
    Anthony PerezVice President of Business Strategy - Orlando Magic
  • Testimonial
    Qualex has implemented a solution that allows Osage to direct market their most profitable patrons, as well as develop marketing campaigns that provides them offers for their favorite casino location.
    Aleacia NewbyMarketing Database Manager - Osage Casino
  • Testimonial
    Qualex helped us create a comprehensive data governance and data integrity solution that provided us with real time data to understand our data and better manage our business. Their professionalism, technical knowledge, and industry experience surpassed all our expectations.
    Richard LiebermanPeak Health Solutions
  • Testimonial
    Qualex worked with us hand-in-hand during our SAS Marketing Automation and Financial Management implementations. They guided us on these projects using their vast technical knowledge, professionalism and dedication. They are the epiphany of a true partner and we look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.
    John EnriquezVP of IT - Pearl River Resort
  • Testimonial
    Using Qualex IQ Console we can handle things like doctor's appointments, events and registrations in a more efficient and fastest way. I do recommend it to anyone who wants to grow their business.
    Rebecca SillsDirector of Marketing & Business Development - Pediatric Associates
  • Testimonial
    Capturing data from the Suns independent source systems, Qualex has provided a consolidated solution that allows the Suns to access their data via a BI dashboard; that includes pull-down menus, and even a graphical representation of the sports arena which details and provides hourly ticket sales updates on game day!
    Zaheer BenjaminSenior Director Financial Planning - Phoenix Suns
  • Testimonial
    Qualex implemented a solution that provided South Point’s database marketing team with quick & easy access to its data. Prior to Qualex, building marketing campaigns and the analysis of those campaigns was a manual process and often took several days. Following implementation of the Qualex solution, these tasks were reduced to minutes.
    Deanna ThompsonData Base Marketing Manager - South Point
  • Testimonial
    There were many challengers above and beyond those normally expected during a TIS implementation. Thanks to the dedication and expertise of the Qualex TIS implementation team and the support of the Qualex staff and the UTS team, these challenges were overcome and the project was a success.
    Yvette AntersijnUTS Project Manager
  • Testimonial
    Qualex have performed beyond our expectations, acting like a true partner in our business email newsletter and appointment reminders. We definitely selected the best.
    Angela MeyerOperations Manager - Biscayne Animal Hospital
  • Testimonial
    Qualex has been providing vital tools for our marketing programs for the past year. Their product is cutting-edge due to its multi-channel capabilities, and they have a dependable staff that is there to help at any time.
    Paola GaudelliGeneral Manager - Caferagazzi
  • Testimonial
    Qualex Consulting Services was instrumental during our migration to SAS 9.4. Their knowledge of the product, tools and system integration made this transition very smooth. Their professionalism and prompt responsiveness to our IT needs has made them a key partner for us
    Fred TomianovicIT, Enterprise Systems - Seminole Gaming

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