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Press Releases May 06, 2013

NBA Team selects Qualex Consulting Services, Inc. to provide Sports Centric Data Modeling
Miami, Fl – May 6, 2013
The Phoenix Suns implemented Qualex’s iQ-Sports™ data model and BI portal providing Phoenix Sun’s management quick and easy access to key operational data in order to facilitate strategic decision making in a more timely manner.
“We’re excited about our partnership with Qualex.” said Zaheer Benjamin, Senior Director of Financial Planning with the Phoenix Suns. “Qualex developed a custom solution built specifically around our business needs. I was particularly impressed with Qualex’s flexibility to work with us to address additional business requirements that arose during the course of the project. The solution Qualex has implemented leverages our investment in SAS technology to “do all the heavy lifting of data” so our management team can spend more time analyzing our business in order to make strategic decisions”.
Implemented Solution
Patron Value Optimization (PVO)™ for Sports

Operational Source Systems
Archtics – local TicketMaster database for the Suns (NBA), Mercury (WNBA) and non-sports oriented arena events such as concerts & shows
MS Dynamics – CRM, marketing partnerships, contracts & inventory.
MS Great Plains – financial and accounting information.

Business Intelligence (BI) Portals Developed
Revenue & Expense Summary
High level summary of operating revenue & expenses
Ticket Sales
Performance vs. goal by ticket type & event
Year over year net ticket sales trends
Marketing Partnerships
Performance vs. goal by contract type (existing, renewal, new business)
Revenue by inventory type (hospitality, media, signage, digital)
Performance vs. goals (license vs. rental)
Inventory management (available & contracted)
Daily flash report
Summary balance sheet
Summary income statement

For additional Information please contact:
Phoenix Suns
Casey Taggatz, 602-379-7912, ctaggatz@suns.com
Qualex Consulting Services
Kevin Dillon; Director – Gaming, Hospitality & Sports Practice; (305) 342-5425 , kevin.dillon@qlx.com
About Qualex Consulting Services, Inc.
Qualex Consulting Services, Inc. is a technology and professional consulting company dedicated to providing a wide range of consulting, information technology and communications- related products and services.

For more information about Qualex
go to: www.qlx.com or
contact: Cecilia Pedrazzoli(877) 887-4727 or
email her at: cecilia.pedrazzoli@qlx.com

Qualex’s iQ-Sports™ is a trademark of QLX, Qualex Consulting Services, Inc. All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies.


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