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Software as a Service (SaaS)

Qualex’s iQ-Retail™ SaaS is an internet-driven solution for those retailers who need a way to maximize the profitability of the merchandising process while exceeding customer expectations.

Qualex iQ-Retail™ is an internet-based system that provides valuable reports about demand, customer behavior, category performance, optimal allocations and more. Most of all, this information is available from one source so it can be accessed and used quickly to make more profitable merchandising decisions. Qualex’s iQ-Retail™ provides real intelligence at every step of the merchandise life cycle. With its collection of services, you can maximize the profitability of the merchandising process while improving customer loyalty and satisfaction levels. All these services are provided at a low cost, while being developed with the highest quality which allows maximum accessibility.

Today’s Retailers face the following questions:

  • Which merchandise do I stock in which stores?
  • Where do I display products on the shelves?
  • Which items should I promote?

Many merchants must consider hundreds of stores and thousands of SKUs when making decisions. Industry pressures have changed the profit implications of merchandising decisions as well. Brand loyalty and margins have withered as competition has swelled. Suppliers are more informed. Industry consolidation is accelerating.

Overworked merchants now face a situation where critical merchandising decisions made on intuition or historical reports no longer deliver the necessary results. To meet merchandising goals, a series of elements must take place simultaneously, and they all must be developed in tandem. These elements include:

  • Open-to-buy strategies.
  • Assortment planning.
  • Price and promotion optimization.
  • Space planning.
  • Allocation and replenishment.

Services Included

Qualex iQ-Retail™ offers web interface reporting for planning, forecasting and optimization at the essential points of the merchandising planning process. iQ-Retail™ integrates capabilities for pre-season and in-season management using a single database platform and analytics engine. Data management, predictive modeling, robust forecasting, data mining and business intelligence reports provide optimized financial and merchandise plans that will deliver profitable returns and rewarding customer experiences.

Using iQ-Retail™ web reports, you will be able to understand the merchandise mix that sells best for each store, which allows you to plan and allocate your inventory more effectively, thereby saving thousands of dollars. Cost reductions can be achieved through optimized packaging and collaboration with vendors. Analysis and monitoring of performance at the store or store cluster level will occur through integrated web reporting and analytics.

iQ-Retail™ gives you an integrated view of the entire merchandise life cycle

Qualex iQ-Retail™ empowers you to streamline the merchandise life cycle by giving you visibility into the entire process with workflow graphics and intuitive web reports; an infrastructure built to support business users in top-down and bottom-up planning; and vital business insights provided by advanced analytical reports. Forecasting reports help you reduce the guesswork in financial and assortment plans, so you don’t repeat last season’s mistakes. Optimization reports let you identify hidden opportunities to maximize profit and revenue throughout the life cycle. Qualex iQ-Retail™ helps you plan and execute throughout the merchandise life cycle — from creating financial plans to recommending orders and executing allocation. Qualex iQ-Retail™ then helps you review trends and performance to loop the process back into itself for improvement in each following season.

iQ-Retail™ helps you exceed your customer’s expectations

Qualex iQ-Retail™’s family of services helps you understand what customers want and what they are buying, so you can make appropriate decisions throughout the entire merchandise life cycle. With Qualex iQ-Retail™ services you can use information about customer shopping habits and channel preferences to develop more targeted, profitable plans.

Qualex iQ-Retail™ can help you develope the following:

  • An intelligent assortment strategy.
  • An intelligent assortment plan.
  • An intelligent space planning in the pre-season.
  • An intelligent purchasing, allocation and replenishment strategy.
  • Intelligent in-season assortment decisions.
  • Intelligently address market-level pricing changes and promotional markdowns.
  • Add item selections and event forecasting.
  • Adjustments to receipt plans as well as the creation of in-season exit strategies.
  • A review of last season’s trends.
  • The creation of a strategic plan.
  • The creation of your merchandising plan.

The Solution is affordable:

  • No fees are due until the database is operational.
  • Trial options are available.