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SAS® Business Intelligence

Predictive Analytics Delivering Greater Insight

SAS Business Intelligence gives you the information when you need it, in the format you need. By integrating data from across your enterprise and delivering self-service reporting and analysis, IT spends less time responding to requests, and business users spend less time looking for information, so more time is spent on making better, more informed decisions.

The SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence software provides the following benefits to the organization:

Comprehensive / Centralized Data – The system integrates product transactions into a single data repository (data warehouse). This creates a true value for each SKU which combines transactions from each operational system at the organization. This approach will reduce the impact on the operational system performance for report generation and analysis. SAS provides a unified view of the products across the enterprise that incorporates information from all touch points and channels, ensuring that product information is consistent, secure, accurate and comprehensible to users. This processing will be conducted in regularly scheduled production environment to allow for timely information to make informed decisions for the organization.

The system and tools will provide the ability to create standard reporting and conduct analysis for finance and operational departments. It empowers the organization to analyze information in new ways such as slicing and dicing data, easily creating interactive reporting templates and comprehensive reporting across several areas of the organization in a Web based environment.

SAS EBI offers a fully integrated and comprehensive suite of business intelligence software. Fit-to-task interfaces for query and reporting combined with SAS analytical capabilities deliver accurate information and insights across the organization.

SAS EBI delivers intuitive interfaces that enable diverse users throughout the organization to get consistent data and accurate insights so they can make better, fact-based decisions. It delivers a Query and reporting environment that provides fast access to consistent, accurate intelligence. Customer organizations can save time and money with:

  • BI interfaces designed for different users at all levels.
  • Self-service access to data, no matter how complex.
  • Fast access to multiple data sources.
  • Flexible report authoring and editing.
  • Simple deployment, management and administration.


All levels of users can produce and access reports. SAS reporting is self-service so information consumers can access and generate reports on their own. Users can quickly access data and make business decisions, while IT is able to spend time concentrating on more strategic objectives. Because SAS reporting is delivered through a zero footprint interface, software does not have to be installed on individual desktops, saving both time and money. Multiple interfaces are tailored to the different skills and business needs of individuals throughout an organization and users can work in familiar environments (Web browsers, e-mail, Microsoft Office, etc.), so deployment is fast and the need for training is minimized.

Query & Analysis

Ask new questions and quickly get the answers. SAS provides multiple query interfaces for differing skill levels, enabling information producers to access and query data on their own without having to learn new skills. SAS can access more than 70 data sources with the power and interoperability to query across multiple databases and platforms. Complex analysis can be performed in familiar Microsoft Office environments, with the added advantage of overcoming the file size limits in Excel.


Analysis allows users to analyze summary data organized along business dimensions. It integrates logical OLAP from the data sources and navigation into the reporting environment. It provides a powerful multi-level view to provide fast, easy access to large volumes of summarized data. A web-based data exploration interface lets users look at large volumes of data quickly from multiple angles. They can get high-level views of data, as well as view increasing levels of detail.

Integrated Analytics

Powerful SAS analytic capabilities can be leveraged by more users by their integration within SAS EBI. This can include analytic results or the ability to include and run analytic models directly from within their BI interface of choice Web browser, portal or Microsoft Excel. SAS analytic algorithms are of the highest quality in the industry, ensuring accuracy and precision for greater certainty and confidence in results.

Microsoft Office Integration

Leverages SAS capabilities in data access, reporting and analytics directly from Microsoft Office. SAS functionality is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Office. Customers can analyze data that exceeds the data size limitation of Microsoft Excel both in size and in the data source platforms. Business users have self-service access to SAS analytics from within Microsoft Office allowing the implementation of business analysis standards within a company. Enterprise data from multiple platforms is easily available to business users from familiar Microsoft Office environments.

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