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For more than 15 years, Qualex has helped new users get up to speed with SAS software. Qualex consultants have accumulated very valuable experience helping organizations just like yours. Established in 1995 with headquarters in Miami, Florida, Qualex has been integrating SAS solutions for more than a decade. Qualex currently serves Governments, Fortune 500 and SMB customers providing software and services of outstanding quality.

The challenge of project

Does your organization need to take advantage of your investment in the best Enterprise Intelligence Platforms in the world? Need help with your data integration, analysis and/or reporting tasks? We stand ready to assist you in determining with any products and/or our Qualex services can help you address these challenges.

Preparation, Planning and Experience are the key:

The Qualex’s iQ_Install™ service is designed to help new customers with their software installations. It includes three modules:

  • Planning Module — – consultants will work with your organization to build an installation plan for your new environment. We will consider hardware and operating environment issues than can affect your installation timeline. We review any issues that are specific to your operating environments, including operating environment changes or upgrades. Your IT department and our Qualex team will jointly provide a timeline (1-2 weeks).
  • Execution Module — – Our experienced consultants will install the software licensed by your organization. We will provide reports that validate a successful installation (1-4 weeks).
  • Knowledge Transfer Module — – we will work hand-in-hand with your IT staff and end users to transfer critical know how while we are on-site. We will also prepare a training plan and conduct specific workshops to make sure that once the installation is complete you will be able to start using the best Enterprise Intelligence Platform to its fullest potential (1-4 weeks) .

Free iQ_Job Scheduler Module — -

The job scheduler is a Qualex application which is included without charge with your Qualex iQ_Install™ service . The main function of this application is to schedule operational jobs in a fast and reliable manner. In addition, the Qualex iQ_Job Scheduler allows IT systems support to track operations in the system. It analyzes the growth of the database, documents the time it takes a particular job to run. This way, a comparison with previous periods can be made based on regular system operation reporting. The scheduler is capable of capturing and consolidating information from servers in different operational environments. This application uses SAS EBI technology. Your maintenance support staff can use the portal to review maintenance reports while scheduled jobs are administered using the stored processes facility.

iQ_Install™ Benefits

iQ_Install™ service help installations in deploying the new powerful advanced features faster by:

  • Shortening installation timeframes for the IT staff.
  • Providing knowledge transfer for the new deeper analytical features, tools and processes for the new end-users.
  • Providing critical experience in the installation process.

The Solution Provides:

  • Installation and re-installation of the software.
  • Updates for new versions of the software.
  • Corrections to the use of the software.
  • Modifications to reports.
  • Assessment of reporting options.
  • Adjustment of systems to local law needs.
  • Support via telephone at the level required by the customer.
  • support for software integration.
  • Support in the use of SAS EBI.
  • Training of support staff.
  • Administrative assistance in the creation or elimination of users.
  • Assistance in the use of software.
  • Assistance in writing basic software code.
  • Assistance in the use of reports.
  • Assistance to solve technical problems in multi-tiered environments.
  • Assistance in the maintenance of stored processes.
  • Support to your business users.

Service Commitment:

Once an issue concerning the use of software is reported, Qualex agrees to assign a resource to verify the issue. In critical issues (High), this resource will be assigned within two business hours and for regular issues (Low and Medium), the resource will be assigned within four business hours. By the same token, Qualex expects the customer to provide all support need to resolve the issue, which will be verified using the services avenues identified below:

The iQ-Install™ service is offered for a minimum of four months. After this initial period, either Qualex or the client can terminate the service without additional responsibilities. The decision to conclude services requires a one month notice. The notice provides time to conclude any pending services.

Your organization will pay according to standard Qualex consulting fees for maintenance services. Payment includes all appropriate taxes according to local laws. Services are paid monthly. Qualex can increase its maintenance fees only once a year. The annual increase will not exceed 10%.

The Solution is affordable:

  • No fees are due until the database is operational.
  • Trial options are available.