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SAS® Data Integration

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SAS® Enterprise Data Integration Server, featuring DataFlux technology, is a powerful, configurable and comprehensive software that can access virtually all data sources as well as extract, cleanse, transform, conform, aggregate, load and manage data; support data warehousing, migration, synchronization and federation initiatives; support both batch-oriented and real-time Master Data Management solutions; and create real-time data integration services in support of service-oriented architectures.

An interactive data integration development environment provides developers with an easy-to-use, point-and-click GUI that uses an intuitive set of configurable windows for managing multiple data integration development processes.

Enterprise connectivity to virtually all data sources and types, operating systems and hardware environments gives you the ability to get data from, or put data to, almost anywhere.

Integrated, customizable data quality routines accelerate data cleansing by analyzing and eliminating duplicate and inaccurate data as it is drawn through the data integration processes.

Superior ETL functionality and a point-and-click design enable developers to easily build process workflows, read and reuse metadata from data stores and create business rules and transformations in metadata, enabling the rapid generation of reusable data integration services.

Shared metadata provides a consistent definition across data sources to speed integration projects, simplify design and reduce maintenance costs.

Migration and synchronization capabilities enable you to migrate, synchronize and replicate data across different operational systems and data sources. Powerful data transformations are available for altering, reformatting and consolidating information during these processes.

Data federation capabilities enable you to query and use data across multiple systems without the physical reconciliation or movement of source data.

Built-in wizards make it easy to create your own data integration services that can be called in real time, near real time and batch modes.

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