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Stressed Over Your SAS Staffing?
Looking for SAS Programmers?

For over 15 years, Qualex has helped companies and governments staff projects. Qualex consultants have accumulated very valuable experience with important migration tasks.

The challenge of project

Your organization, like many others we have worked with, may be facing some challenges with your staffing needs due to the migration from previous versions to the latest releases.

Delays in staffing can affect the data management, analysis and/or reporting processes which can result in delays in management’s decision-making, and/or the fulfillment of regulatory requirements or other key business activities. We stand ready to assist you in determining if any of the products and/or our new Qualex services can help you address these challenges and provide the appropriate resources to meet your needs.

Experience is the key

The Qualex iQ-Staffing™ Service is designed to help existing customers staff all of their resource needs, whether those needs be forecasting, modeling, OLAP or base programming needs. It includes three modules:

Qualification Module:

Our consultants will work with your organization to identify and qualify your needs. We will consider hardware and operating environment issues that can affect your staffing requirements. We will review any issues that are specific to your operating environments, including operating environment changes or upgrades. You and our Qualex team will jointly provide a timeline for staffing completion. The outcome of the qualification module is a Statement of Work (SOW).

Staffing Engine Our extensive database contains only experienced consultants with appropriate skills and without language barriers. After a rigorous selection process, we give candidates our Qualex iQ-Certification. We will analyze the candidates skill set and technical competence to match them successfully to the task at hand. The outcome of the staffing engines is up to three qualified candidates to complete the SOW.

Logistics Module:

We will work hand-in-hand with your staff and end users to place the selected candidate at your site (remote location is also an option). Typically, there is an interview with qualified candidates and once a selection is made, we will prepare an induction training plan, work with visas, flights and relocation when needed, for the selected candidate(s). Once the placement is completed, we will start tracking hours, expenses and performance in our system so that you can feel confident that you have the right candidate who will be able to implement the best Enterprise Intelligence Platform to its fullest potential.

Service commitment:

We want you to be a satisfied customer. We are committed to exceeding the expectations of the customers we serve. Our four commitments to our customers are:

  • Responsiveness – we will reply to every communication.
  • Ownership – we will assume ownership of your issues and manage them to conclusion.
  • Communication – will be timely and coherent.
  • Integrity – we will always conduct business with you ethically and professionally.

iQ-Staffing™ Benefits

The iQ-Staffing™ service helps to deploy the new powerful advanced features faster by:

  • Fulfilling your staffing needs quickly and effectively.
  • Providing a supply of certified professionals on analytical features, data integration tools and business intelligence processes.
  • Making the staffing process easier by using our critical experience to locate candidates of the highest caliber.
  • The service helps reduce the risk of staffing your projects with certified professionals, anywhere in the world.