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Transform your business with our AWS proficiency

QLX provides thorough AWS consulting services, leveraging the capabilities of the AWS cloud to deliver groundbreaking solutions. With expertise across various AWS services, we ensure scalable, secure, and dependable deployments. From consulting to execution, our specialists streamline your AWS journey for unmatched efficiency and advancement.

Highlights of our AWS Cloud Solutions:

  • Comprehensive AWS service offerings
  • Robust solutions tailored to your needs
  • Effective cost optimization strategies
  • End-to-end support for seamless operation

AWS Services Process:

Audit and assessment

Solutions development and delivery

Solution deployment and automation

AWS app maintenance and support.

Our AWS Consulting Services

Empower your growth and efficiency with our AWS consultants. Our approach to AWS consulting and migration provides tailored strategies, roadmaps, and tools to align AWS cloud infrastructure with your business requirements.

Efficiently migrate your company’s infrastructure, workflows, and applications to the AWS cloud. Our comprehensive AWS cloud migration services ensure a seamless transition, minimizing downtime and preserving data integrity.

Leverage our AWS-certified cloud practitioners and Amazon tools for precise data analytics solutions. Our aim is to fuel your innovation drive and ensure smooth performance across all business operations.

Unlock the power of AWS machine learning tools with our certified solutions architects. From Amazon Sage Maker to custom algorithm design, we empower informed decision-making to enhance ROI.

Maximize the benefits of the AWS cloud ecosystem with our expert guidance. Our AWS managed services enable faster app deployments, meticulous app performance monitoring, and scalable process efficiency for superior business outcomes.

Optimize Amazon containerization using ECS, EKS, Docker, and Kubernetes. Our certified solutions architects evaluate container capabilities to meet your specific requirements, minimizing downtime and maintenance.

Accelerate software release cycles with our end-to-end AWS DevOps solutions. Ideal for high-paced companies, our experts automate the software delivery process to enhance efficiency and speed.

Leverage Avnet’s IoT Connect platform in collaboration with AWS to expedite time-to-market for connected products. Benefit from device lifecycle management, multi-protocol connectivity, and pre-built business applications.

Harness Generative AI and AWS AI/ML services to power intelligent applications. Our team utilizes Amazon Bedrock to build, deploy, and manage custom models, addressing your unique needs securely and scalably.

Modernize legacy applications for the cloud era with our proven approach to application modernization. We leverage AWS professional services and managed service provider expertise to tailor strategic plans to your needs.

Embrace cloud-native development with our AWS professional services. Utilize advanced tools and best practices to build secure, scalable, and high-performing applications, whether from scratch or through modernization.

Take control of your cloud expenses with our AWS cost optimization services. Our certified experts analyze infrastructure usage, identify cost-saving opportunities, and implement strategies to optimize cloud spending without sacrificing performance.

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