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In retail, where companies can go quickly from rags to riches – or riches to rags – the customer’s perception of, and experience with, your brand is critical not only to staying in business, but growing your business as well. Qualex can enable retailers across all segments – apparel, grocery, specialty, general merchandise, online and hardlines – to uncover in-depth customer insights that you can use to delight customers by engaging them in profitable ways. With high-performance analytics at the core and backed by more than ten years of retail experience, Qualex can help you implement an analytics solution to help you find new and better ways of doing business. With over ten years of experience in the retail industry, we can you help you understand the in-and-outs of the industry better than anyone. We have worked with several of the biggest retailers in the world, including Sears, Levis, EMI and Smart and Final. We know the latest solutions and we can help you implement them. Let us show you how a modest investment in technology can substantially increase your ROI. Let us help you understand your patrons better. And help you drive profits straight to your bottom line.
In these challenging economic times, retailers are faced with cut-throat competition and increasing consumer demands, which in turn puts pressure on the bottom line. Qualex can help retailers cull through their expansive data and give them a deeper understanding of their customer’s behavior and buying habits so that the right decisions can be made about product, price, promotion and placement. Qualex’s suite of products can help retailers in the following ways:
SAS Customer Intelligence delivers fast, significant return on your marketing investment by enabling you to conduct measurable, integrated marketing campaigns, maximize customer profitability, acquisition and retention, leverage existing investments in technology and build a sustainable competitive advantage through the creation of reliable, high-value customer intelligence. SAS Customer Intelligence includes a family of solutions that help you maintain and grow profitable customer relationships with the following tools:
  • SAS Marketing Automation the most comprehensive marketing automation solution available, it provides everything needed to turn raw, disparate data into profitable marketing campaigns.
  • SAS Marketing Optimization applies powerful mathematical approaches to optimize marketing ROI given limited budgets, channel capacities and other constraints.
  • SAS Interaction Management facilitates real-time marketing conversations through communications in the call center, on the website or at the check-out counter. It is information that is triggered instantaneously.
  • SAS Web Analytics helps you learn how each individual navigates your Internet site. It will help you understand the behavior of the person who drops the shopping basket at the final hurdle so that you can prevent it from happening in the future.
  • SAS Customer Insight for Retail provides strategic segmentation and behavior predictions based on your customers’ demographic, psychographic, transactional and attitudinal data. Additionally, the solution lets you segment and profile stores based on transaction history and trade-area demographics.
SAS Merchandise Intelligence includes:
  • SAS Integrated Merchandise Planning provides complete planning capabilities for the merchandising process, including performance analysis, financial planning, assortment planning, space planning, allocation and more.
  • SAS Size Optimization uses powerful analytics to transform historical sales data into valuable size-demand intelligence. The solution accurately predicts future sales and inventory needs by size, and determines case-pack supply to optimally meet this demand.
  • SAS Revenue Optimization Suite the only software suite available today that helps retailers manage revenue and margin through the entire merchandise life cycle. This suite includes three integrated components:
  • SAS Regular Price Optimization Establish and maintain optimal everyday prices based on costs, regional demand patterns and competitive price information.
  • SAS Promotion Optimization Maximize margin and revenue through improved promotion planning powered by advanced demand modeling and optimization.
  • SAS Markdown Optimization Determine which items should be marked down, by how much, when and in which markets or stores.
  • SAS Demand Forecasting for Retail, which uses SAS’ unique high-performance forecasting engine to automatically diagnose, model, execute and reconcile forecasts across multiple merchandise levels and locations.
SAS Supplier Relationship Management helps you establish sound supplier evaluation practices and reduce enterprise spend by consolidating and prioritizing your supplier base and reducing supplier risk. This solution offers strategy alignment and scorecarding, commodity classification and data quality, opportunity exploration, detailed analysis and decision support.
SAS IT Management Solutions help you surmount the abundance of hardware configurations and databases, so you can realize the full potential of each IT resource, manage IT and service delivery, control costs and make informed decisions that directly affect your bottom line.
SAS Financial Intelligence helps you focus on specific financial business processes planning, reporting, budgeting, consolidation, risk assessment, forecasting, strategy development, the audit process and develop more predictive, accurate, relevant and timely results. SAS Financial Intelligence provides the ability to manage corporate finances and meet regulatory requirements.
SAS Human Capital Management offers the organizational insights that enable you to plan effective human capital strategies and then measure and compare your company’s best practices.
SAS solutions for retail turn data about customers, merchandise, operations and enterprise performance into knowledge that empowers you to make more informed decisions, gain a competitive advantage, strengthen customer and vendor loyalty.
Provides the ability to analyze, forecast and maximize profits across the entire retail enterprise by monitoring cost and performance.
SAS Activity-Based Management provides accurate financial information in a form that mirrors the day-to-day activities of the people, equipment and processes that directly impact a retailer’s bottom line. This solution provides profitability analysis and forecasting to help retailers look to the future with a reliable picture of operating costs.
SAS Strategic Performance Management allows executives to track key performance indicators (KPIs) across the entire retail enterprise, from merchandising and marketing to distribution and store operations, to analyze, learn and plan strategically. Executives can then quickly communicate goals and strategies throughout the organization. SAS Strategic Performance Management helps you align your enterprise around shared goals, communicate those goals across the enterprise and measure your progress toward achieving targets and initiatives.