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Gaming & Hospitality

Qualex provides its gaming customers with a total guest view to better understand their customer base and target the right marketing campaigns to the most strategic customers. Also, we provide a centralized data source to help our customers better manage the overall effectiveness of their property.

The QLX / Qualex Solution provides real time views into your operations. Our combined services and technology provides our gaming customers with the means to create enterprise wide views of their business. A broader view allows gaming customers to identify areas of opportunity for greater revenue generation and higher profitability.

  • Improving customer service
  • Identifying new revenue opportunities
  • Improving effectiveness of marketing and other relationship building campaigns
  • Reducing operating costs
  • Improving operational efficiencies
  • Improving the accuracy and quality of the organization’s data.
  • Fan intelligence with increased competition for the entertainment dollar, finding and keeping fans is a constant challenge. Predictive modeling, segmentation, marketing automation and real-time decision making help maximize each fan’s total value, increase attendance and deliver targeted, personalized marketing campaigns that drive profitability.
  • Performance management. Cost and profitability analysis shows where it is most profitable to increase venue revenue while containing costs. Dashboards and scorecards show how each department’s efforts contribute to strategic objectives and KPIs. Financial consolidation and reporting help ensure timely and accurate reporting of financial information.
  • Data quality and integration. Cleanse and consolidate all data to understand the total fan value and eliminate duplicate records in multiple operational systems. We can offer a complete portfolio of data integration capabilities, including: data cleansing and enrichment; extraction, transformation and loading; data federation; master data management; and more.
  • Forecasting. Pricing analysis and optimization solutions help venue operators better stock, price and staff their event-day operations. Analytics and BI reporting allow retail operations to predict demand and understand the value of customers and promotions.

Qualex is the lead development and implementation partner for the QLX Patron Value Optimization Solution (PVO). We are QLX software specialists who provide gaming-specific experience working with various gaming source systems and deliverables.

The QLX Patron Value Optimization Solution (PVO) was specifically developed for the Gaming and Hospitality Industries. This solution will enable users to fully understand the value of each individual patron. By gaining better insight, users will be able to develop optimal marketing campaigns and improve customer service. This will ultimately deliver the right marketing campaign to the right patron with the right message – encouraging them to visit your property over your competitors.

The enabling technologies of the QLX PVO Solution are data warehousing, customer integration, descriptive analytics and reporting, marketing automation, and predictive analytics. Important differentiators for QLX are predictive and advanced analytics as the key enablers for patron segmentation and patron optimization. QLX provides a very unique solution on the market combining these proven technologies for the Gaming and Hospitality industries.

The QLX solution is tailored for the gaming industry to leverage the various sources of patron information into a consolidated and consistent approach to improve the overall customer experience and awareness. This system will provide insight into the various aspects of the patron’s activity at the property that includes Gaming, Hotel, and Retail spending such as Food and Beverage, Spa, and Entertainment.

The QLX solution suite provides an enterprise intelligence platform that can be expanded to utilize information across multiple sources of strategic information throughout the organization. Initially the focus of PVO is a patron- and marketing-centric activity. The QLX platform allows for expansion into multiple areas and aspects of key business areas such as labor management, financial management/budgeting, and revenue management.

Pearl River Resort Qualex has led the effort to produce an advanced Business Intelligence and CRM solution for Pearl River Resort. This project pulls together all major source systems that provide a Complete Guest View that allows for a market campaigns and promotions based on an advance analytic approach. The system is addressing data quality/hygiene issue, web reporting, OLAP, forecasting and advanced data mining.

Harrahs Harrahs uses Qualex Enterprise Miner to profile and create 90 targeted customer segments which receive custom-tailored direct mail incentives. QLX supports their Rewards Program which drove $100 million in additional revenue. Harrahs has increased customer wallet share from $0.36 per dollar to $0.42 per dollar.