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Healthcare Patient Value Optimization (PVO)™

The Healthcare Patient Value Optimization (PVO) is the only plattform that gives you a 360° view of your patients in real time, while analyzing every single record in-depth from a professional perspective, and so optimizing the patient’s flow in your institution.Read More

Healthcare Provider


With global concerns about containing the cost of health care, discussions in many countries about how best to care for an aging population and the ongoing debate in the US on health system reform, it’s clear that those health care organizations that can adapt swiftly and strategically to changing dynamics will be better prepared to succeed long-term. There has never been a greater need to derive trusted insights from data, and the use of advanced analytics is critical.Read More

Health Insurance

Insurance relies on the ability to predict future claims or loss exposure based on historical information and experience. However, insurers face an uncertain future as they face spiraling operational costs, escalating regulatory pressures, increasing competition and rising claim expenses. With more than seven years of experience in the insurance industry, Qualex can help you achieve long-term success and obtain peace of mind. Integrated and extensible insurance solutions built on a flexible business analytics framework and insurance-specific data model speed up both implementation and results, giving you a fast track to significant ROI.Read More

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