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Qualex iQ-Console is full-access control view dashboard that allows you to manage your business website, mobile app, mobile site, analytic, email and SMS campaigns, QR Codes, Short Codes, Blogs and much more in just one location.

The iQ-Console provides with you all the tools necessary to create, connect and promote your business and so, attract and retain more customers and, best of all, boost your sales! All in ONE STOP.

What it does for your business?

  • Improves the layout of your website, making it user-friendlier.
  • Gives your site a mobile presence.
  • Develops community engagement through email and text messages campaigns.
  • Creates brand awareness, credibility and customer’s loyalty.
  • Markets potential customers effectively.
  • Retains existing clients.
  • Competes successfully.


Financial Benefits

  • Increase revenues by having a more efficient relationship with the clients.
  • Low cost – reduce labor intensive.
  • Direct monitoring of marketing results = +ROI.

Technical Benefits

  • All tools under ONE cloud.
  • Auto site content and campaigns management.
  • Easy global access.
  • Real time results and performance view.

Additional Services

  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Social Media Campaigns ad Management.
  • Graphic Design and printing.
  • Support & Training.