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Qualex iQ-Sports™ is a sports-centric strategic business solution that provides sports teams improved access to and analysis of their key operational data. At the core of the solution is an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) that can incorporate into a single, centralized technology solution data from ticketing, sponsorships, financials, concessions and merchandise. Once in the warehouse, this data can be leveraged to deliver reporting, dashboards, direct marketing and analytics. Qualex implements it’s iQ-Sports™ solution based upon the needs of each client, not just what exists within a “black box” product offering. While our team of experienced consultants can leverage “lessons learned” on prior projects; we also offer the flexibility to generate new solutions based upon your unique requirements like:

Assist in analyzing & optimizing ticket sales:

  • Know how many tickets have been “pre-sold” and how many tickets are still available for sale.
  • On game day, get regular updates on total ticket sold.
  • Display ticket sales using dashboards, drill-down reports, or a map of the arena by section, sub-section or down to individual seats.
  • Create marketing campaigns using database of fans and email them ticket offers to fill the arena.

Offer solutions to analyze fan demographics:

  • Where do they live?
  • How many tickets do they purchase?
  • How often do they purchase tickets?
  • Do they live in other markets and show up to support visiting teams?
  • Create marketing campaigns targeting fans in your database based upon the above demographics.

Qualex can provide “sentiment analysis” solutions that monitor “the Web” and social networking sites like Twitter & Facebook to tell you where your team is being discussed and what is being said. Using this information, you can continuously strive to improve the fan experience. Let Qualex do all the “heavy-lifting” of data and let your management team spend more of their time analyzing your operation in order to make strategic business decisions.