In retail, where companies can go quickly from rags to riches – or riches to rags – the customer’s perception of, and experience with, your brand is critical not only to staying in business, but growing your business as well. Qualex can enable retailers across all segments – apparel, grocery, specialty, general merchandise, online and hardlines – to uncover in-depth customer insights that you can use to delight customers by engaging them in profitable ways. With high-performance analytics at the core and backed by more than ten years of retail experience, Qualex can help you implement an analytics solution to help you find new and better ways of doing business. With over ten years of experience in the retail industry, we can you help you understand the in-and-outs of the industry better than anyone. We have worked with several of the biggest retailers in the world, including Sears, Levis, EMI and Smart and Final. We know the latest solutions and we can help you implement them. Let us show you how a modest investment in technology can substantially increase your ROI. Let us help you understand your patrons better. And help you drive profits straight to your bottom line.Read More

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