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SAS® Service Parts Optimization

Predictive Analytics Delivering Greater Insight

SAS® Service Part Optimization (SAS SPO) is a SAS solution designed to address the inventory forecasting and product management needs at retailers and manufacturers. The utilization of SAS SPO provides significant financial benefits to the organization. SAS® SPO incorporates the power of Inventory Replenishment, SAS Forecast Server, Enterprise Business Intelligence, Data Integration and Enterprise Miner into a powerful SAS solution package. Product managers can utilize extensive forecasting capability to help them better understand and predict the trends and activities associated with their products for both sales and replenishment. Using the SAS® SPO solution, Product Managers can better manage and optimize their current and projected inventory, providing capital savings as well as increasing customer satisfaction. The SPO solution consists of software components as well as consulting and training services.

The SAS® SPO Solution provides organizations with the ability to calculate periodic-review inventory replenishment policies for distribution and/or retailer systems, thus enabling Product Managers to maintain adequate stock levels and improve customer satisfaction. The solution provides essential aid to decision making by helping organizations answer three fundamental questions of inventory management:

  • What is the optimal inventory range by SKU to achieve a specific service level based on current inventory policies?
  • Which items have crossed policy thresholds and therefore should be reordered to restock inventory?
  • How much should be ordered?

The software includes:

  • Unlimited users of the software suite
  • Annual license of the software
  • The most current release of the software
  • Updates to the software made generally available during the license period
  • Technical support
  • Comprehensive documentation

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