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Casino Analytics for 2020: What it is and why it matters

Casino analytics encompasses the technologies and skills used to deliver business insights from operational data.

Through modelling, optimization, predictive analytics and business intelligence, casinos can gain insights to strengthen marketing performance, deepen guest-centric relationships and improve the way casinos engage patrons to maximize the guest experience.

One of the key benefits of iQ-Gaming™ is that it standardized the process for storing source data as well as creating reports and analytic models to make critical information available to business users.

Casinos suffer from lack of guest engagement, marketing campaigns are often too generic, the data available for campaigns is frequently inconsistent and inaccurate. This makes possible to lose valuable guests to competitors. With new sources include sports betting data recently introduced into the iQ-Gaming solution.

A casino marketing solution should be affordable, scalable, adaptable, capable of targeting quests in all possible ways.

Figure 1. IQ-Gaming™ Overview


Advanced analytics from IQ-Gaming™ can deliver crucial insights to propel casino growth and success by:
• Real-Time alerts for VIP behaviour offer a competitive advantage
• Creating a patron-centric 365 degree view
• Delivers a total guest view to better understand customers
• Targets the right marketing campaigns to the most strategic customers
• Improve operating results and marketing performance across properties
• Live, interactive and intuitive dashboards with guaranteed data consistency
• Includes Sports Betting data


• Provide simple and fast data consolidation
• Quickly deployed and scaled to provide the quick and easy access to data through a robust platform that evaluates and       modifies marketing strategies
• Stored procedures generate a single report to reveal underutilized data and ways to capitalize on the information
• Helps identifying patron trends in real-time
• Integrates with other leading software and systems in the Gaming and Hospitality industry with its multivendor architecture
• Establishes a centralized data source to help our customers better manage the overall effectiveness of their properties
• Predicts patron behaviour through statistical models in real-time


• AML Workflow
• Alerts Dashboard
• Risk Dashboard
• Scenarios Status Report
• Alerts Status Report
• Alerts Summary
• Alerts Metrics
• Case Summary
• Player Level Transaction Report
• Kiosk Level Transaction Report
• Player Ratings
• CTR Information

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